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Pierre Julienne
Age: 40 Kid: 1

With your help, I can DAR to my family and others.

At first, I hope this project starts and everything will be ok for me. I think that is so important for me because I find a job and with it I get a formation about sewing machine skills. 2nd, I can take care my family and help other people in difficult situation, after my power work giving I can get money, saving it in a bank. With my saved money I hope to create a business to serve my region. This opportunity would mean so much for me. For each women and my community.

Martha, thanks for your mercy for Haiti. I love you so.

Desamours Sultane
Age: 41 Kids: 4

With your help, my family can finally have a home.

In this project, i am feeling so good. I think that is a grace for me and also a way to get a knowledge about sewing machine skill. That can be wonder for the women of my community. This opportunity would mean so much to me because I get a knowledge to work, save my money to build a house to live with my family. my saving money can also help me to take care my little batty baby. Then, this project in my region is waiting so for me the others women.

Thanks for Martha and our team to think about women of ti-bouk port-margot. We pray the lord for you, for your team and for your sponsors to change our life in Haiti. God bless you....

Semexant Josanna
Age: 36 Kids: 3

With your help, you are giving me a new LIFE.

At first, I feel this project is a new life for me, with it I have a job, a liberty and a way to take care me and my family. I am so happy this project will be waiting for a longtime. Then, today it’s a reality. This opportunity means so much for me. As Wife in Haiti I can get a better life. My community changing in developement an also Haiti. Me, I say thanks to Martha to think about Port-Margot women.

One heart, one love to our team and sponsors.

Durena Meranise
Age: 40 Kid: 1

With your help, for the first time I can save money.

Thanks to Jesus to give Martha the Haiti direction with this project. It’s great because my life Hope changing. With the project, I save money, ameliorate my child life and help so much my family and my region. Then, I am so happy today to say thank to Martha and her family and sponsors in this project. My everlasting love for you…

Tanis Dialine
Age: 34

With your help, I can build a future.

My name’s Tanis Dialine, I’m thirty four years old. I’m not married and don’t get child. Congratulation for Martha and for her team to respect us and believing in us. This opportunity means so much for me, because I just see my life changing. Give me an economic liberty. With my money, I can help other people and also use it in elevage of animals.

Thank you Martha….I always pray for you. God bless you and your family.

Luciana Charles
Age: 33

With your help, I can live out my dream.

My name’s Luciana Charles and I am 33 years old. I’m married and don’t get child yet. Martha, Thanks a lot for the project at Ti bouk. This opportunity is great and means so much for me. I get a knowledge in sewing-machines, seems that I get valuable, Get money and more. The money may help me to take my dream come true. “Build my house” . Work is a freedom and money can change all.

Martha thank you for the project, also your sponsors. I still loving you.

Edouard Jovenel
Project Manager

Age: 27

With your help, I can give back to my country through education.

My name’s Edouard Jovenel. I’m living in Cap-Haitien where I was born. My mother’s died on past January, she was a seamstress, now I am with my father and my brother. While I’m studying manager at the university, the earthquake disturbing me and I was leading to sewing-machine school. Work so hard and at least graduated, my mother and I decided to create an art gallery. She dead and my project shut down. In the everlasting love of God, I got an opportunity with DAR project, especially Martha who created a project in Haiti at Port-Margot. This occasion allows me to “Get money, take care my family, refresh my dream ,create an art gallery”. That’s name Lakou Manmie Tcholo in memory of my mother. Thanks to The Lord to use DAR project as tools to develop my country. Thanks to DAR project team, thanks to Martha Lewis and her family for our honesty then thanks for everyone who makes this project a reality. One heart one love!!!!!

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